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State Senator Jamie Eldridge Endorses Barbara L’Italien for Congress

Press Release by State Senator Jamie Eldridge

Contact: 508-274-0055

State Senator Jamie Eldridge Endorses Barbara L’Italien for Congress

I’m proud to endorse Barbara L’Italien for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District. I have known and worked with Barbara for 16 years, and have seen up close her values, her fighting spirit and her commitment to helping those who are living in the shadows of life. Barbara has the strongest progressive track record in the CD-3 race. I’ve seen her take on the tough fights in the legislature, from marriage equality to healthcare to supporting immigrants to LGBTQ rights to protecting services for the elderly and disabled, and she does not flinch.

In thinking about the qualities I’d like to see in my next congresswoman, in the age of Donald Trump, a few priorities come to mind. We need a representative who has dedicated her life to fighting for the underdog, the people who are under the most attack by the Trump administration, and Republicans in Congress. This is Barbara’s entire life. Since her eldest son was diagnosed with autism, she has been a fierce advocate for Rudy, including passing landmark autism and special education laws at the State House. In our first term as state representatives, when same-sex marriage was made legal, she fought to protect marriage equality, even when her priest tried to remove her from her church. She has stood side by side with me in protecting our immigrant communities, and has dedicated her legislative career to helping seniors, even when she had to go up against corporate special interests. I want a congressperson who is always thinking of how protect CD-3’s most vulnerable constituents – Barbara has been doing that her entire public service career. Her endorsement from Mass-Care, the statewide single-payer organization, shows her commitment to guaranteeing basic rights to all Americans, including healthcare, including to those struggling in life.

State and federal legislators work on literally hundreds of issues every year. When Niki Tsongas was first sworn-in as our Congresswoman, I spoke to Niki about the how critical greater federal investment and support of special education could make a difference in every school district in the congressional district. Now, as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos not only seeks to cut federal funding for our schools, gut protections for transgender students, and reduce schools’ obligations to serve special needs students, I believe that Barbara is uniquely qualified to become a national leader on education, on Capitol Hill. She became the statewide leader on autism in Massachusetts, and passed legislation requiring the state to provide service to children on the autism spectrum. Her support for fully funding public education, by opposing charter schools and voting for the Foundation Budget Review Commission in the Legislature, and her knowledge on state and federal special education laws, could make a world of difference for the children of CD3. By increasing the federal funding for providing special education, we not only ensure that all children receive a great education and that special needs children get the support they need, but this also reduces the pressure on rising property taxes in all communities.

I feel strongly that if we are serious about fulfilling the needs of all Americans, including the areas of education, transportation, healthcare, environmental protection, and the social safety net, we need to cut the U.S. military budget. Barbara has been a peace activist since college, when she was a student leader at Merrimack College, protesting in favor of a nuclear freeze and against President Ronald Reagan, and has been a member of WAND (Women Against Nuclear Destruction). Because she has fought so hard to provide basic necessities for people with disabilities, seniors, and the poor at the state level, including calling out Governor Charlie Baker for trying to remove hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts families off of MassHealth, and her dedication to boosting spending on senior home care, helping disabled students, and serving her low-income constituents, I believe she is the most committed candidate to diverting military spending, in order to dramatically increase domestic spending.

Finally, I have had the opportunity to witness Barbara up close on her commitment to fighting for what is right. There is a lot of posturing about standing up to Donald Trump in Democratic politics, but best serving the people of CD3 isn’t just calling out Donald Trump for his destructive, cruel, inhumane policies. It’s about calling out right-wing Republican policies, including those in our own backyard, and yes it’s about standing up for progressive values in a Democratic Party that is controlled far too often  by big corporations, and centrists. When House Speaker Paul Ryan visited Lawrence last year, Barbara organized a rally with labor and immigrant rights leaders herself, calling out Speaker Ryan and the House Republicans for trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When Governor Baker has pushed fracked gas pipelines through dozens of communities, reduced adult day care services for seniors in need, and suggested that undocumented immigrants are criminals, Barbara has been one of few Democratic legislators to call out Charlie Baker, and remind her Democratic colleagues that serving the less fortunate in society is a core value of the Democratic Party. If the House of Representatives in Washington is going to see a blue wave, let’s make sure it’s a progressive blue wave.

There are many excellent candidates running in the Third Congressional District, which is truly wonderful and inspiring to see. As the chair of the Senate Progressive Caucus, I believe that Barbara has the strongest progressive record of the candidates, and that her vision, priorities and fighting spirit will best serve all the people of this district. I hope that voters will join me in casting their votes for Barbara L’Italien on Tuesday, September 4th, and get involved and volunteer for her, this summer.

Press Release

Press Release by State Senator Jamie Eldridge

Contact: 508-274-0055

Unity Commission Resolution passes at Massachusetts Democratic State Convention

Boston – Delegates at the Mass Democratic Convention in Worcester approved a Unity Resolution, supporting the national Unity Reform Commission. The Unity Reform Commission (“Commission”) was established at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in order to study and address concerns that arose regarding the presidential nominating process. The Unity Resolution, which passed at the end of the convention on Saturday, was brought before the convention after members of the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) with consultation from Our Revolution gathered the necessary signatures to have the resolution considered. “All Democrats realize the importance of the coming elections. The Unity Commission recommendations make our party stronger, more inclusive and better able articulate our strong progressive platform” said Russell Freedman, PDA state coordinator in Massachusetts.

State Senator Jamie Eldridge, a 2016 Bernie Sanders delegate and member of the Democratic State Committee, supported the resolution on the floor of the convention. “I’m very happy that the Unity Resolution was approved by delegates today, and am grateful for Mass Democratic Party Chairman Gus Bickford for bringing the resolution up for a vote,” said Senator Eldridge. The 2016 Democratic presidential nomination process showed the need for improvements, and I’m pleased that the Unity Reform Commission, endorsed by both DNC Chair Tom Perez and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, received support from delegates, to open up the process for how voters decide who the Democratic nominee for President will be.” Larry Cohen, Board Chair of Our Revolution, said, “Massachusetts is leading the way in support of Democratic Party change and democracy inside our party as well as outside. Voting rights are just as important when we pick candidates and build our party structure and leadership as in a general election.”

The Unity Commission makes recommendations related to four key areas: First, the manner of voting during the presidential nominating process and increasing participation and inclusion in the primary process. Second, making the caucus process less burdensome and more inclusive, transparent, and accessible to participants. Third, revising and reducing the role that unpledged delegates play in the process. Finally, increasing the focus on making the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates competitive in every region, by broadening the Party’s base, empowering Democrats at the grassroots level, and expanding the Party’s donor base. For more details on the Unity Commission’s recommendations, please visit

Please Donate to Progressive Massachusetts

With 2017 ending this weekend, I know that we’re all getting end of the year requests from our favorite non-profits, community organizations, politicians, and charities. As the Senate chair of the Senate Progressive Caucus, I’m asking you to please consider becoming a member of Progressive Massachusetts.

For those who are unfamiliar with Progressive Massachusetts, it was founded in 2011, with the goal of being a statewide, multi-issue grassroots, members-based progressive organization, focused on moving the Massachusetts Legislature to the left, by helping elect more progressive legislators, holding elected officials accountable for their positions and votes, advocating for a Progressive Legislative Agenda, and the belief that unless there is outside pressure on Beacon Hill, too many progressive policies will not see the light of day.

As a progressive legislator, I find it valuable to not only to have the support of Progressive Massachusetts on legislation from the Safe Communities Act to single-payer healthcare to minimum wage to paid family medical leave to criminal justice reform to free college, but also that I am being held accountable for what I’m advocating for on Beacon Hill.

Progressive Mass now has 23 chapters, often in communities where progressives can feel a bit alone, which helps support that statewide progressive agenda. The organization is a member of the Raise Up Mass Coalition, with members collecting thousands of signatures for the #Fightfor15 and #PaidFamilyMedicalLeave ballot initiatives, and has a Statewide Grassroots Coordinator, to support Raise Up Mass, but also strengthen Progressive Mass chapters, help elect more progressives to office, and support the chapters in their support of a legislative priorities. By becoming a member of Progressive Mass today, you can be part of a growing organization that is having an impact at the State House, and in communities across Massachusetts.

With right-wing Republicans and President Trump in charge in Washington, DC, the role of state policy, and grassroots activism, at the state and local level, has never been more important. Please consider joining Progressive Massachusetts today, and strengthening your voice on who represents you, and what Massachusetts stands for in its laws, budget, and representation.

State Senator Jamie Eldridge endorses Jay Gonzalez for Governor


Eldridge supports Gonzalez’s commitment to social justice and vision to invest in our communities, make healthcare a right, improve transportation, and promote clean energy

ACTON – State Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) today announced his endorsement of Jay Gonzalez for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“I am very proud to endorse Jay Gonzalez for Governor. He is a bold progressive Democrat who has laid out a vision of investing in our communities, including in education, making progress on social justice including reforming our criminal justice system, dramatically improving our state’s entire transportation system, and making healthcare a right in Massachusetts.” Eldridge emphasized his close working relationship with Gonzalez when the latter served as Secretary of Administration and Finance in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration, which included implementing the 2006 Massachusetts health care law, reforming and investing in the transportation system, increasing state funding for education, and proposing a progressive tax package that would raise taxes on the wealthy while providing tax relief for working families.

“Since the day that Jay Gonzalez announced his candidacy for Governor, I have seen him on the front lines fighting for a brighter and more compassionate future for all Massachusetts residents,” Eldridge stated. “Jay stood with me when I spoke at the first rally to oppose the deportations of hard working immigrants and protecting Muslim-Americans. When the State Senate held hearings on combating climate change, Jay attended and spoke out about a bold clean energy future. During a healthcare conference organized by an Indivisible Massachusetts chapter, Jay laid out a passionate case to making healthcare a right in Massachusetts. I have seen him energize activists in my district with his progressive vision, and believe he would be a transformational Governor.”

Eldridge also highlighted the clear distinctions between Jay Gonzalez and Charlie Baker, including:

Gonzalez helped expand access to healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents, while Baker proposed to cut over 140,000 people off of MassHealth this year.
Gonzalez helped craft a progressive tax proposal that would have taxed the wealthy, reduced taxes for working families, while Baker has raised fees and fares for working people across Massachusetts and expanded corporate tax breaks for the well-connected.
Gonzales implemented transportation reform that invested more money into public transportation and created millions of dollars in savings, while Baker has slashed positions at the MBTA and MassDOT, leading to the delays of dozens of important transportation projects across the Commonwealth, while pursuing an ideological obsession with privatizing services and jobs.

“I am excited about the grassroots campaign that Jay is running across Massachusetts, and I’m proud to endorse him for Governor. His commitment to public service, expertise on healthcare, strong record on progressive reform, and bold vision for Massachusetts will help us get back to being a national leader on education, healthcare, climate change, and being a truly caring and compassionate state.”

Senator Jamie Eldridge has represented the Middlesex and Worcester district since 2009. The district includes Acton, Ayer, Boxborough, Harvard, Hudson, Littleton, Marlborough, Maynard, Northborough, Shirley, Southborough, Stow, Sudbury, and Westborough. He serves as the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Financial Services, Senate co-chair of the Senate Progressive Caucus, and Senate Chair of the Harm Reduction and Drug Law Reform Caucus, Green Economy Caucus, the MBTA Caucus, and the Metrowest Legislators Caucus.


Jobs Commission unveils improvement plan

Lowell Sun
ByKatie Doyle, Statehouse Correspondent
Updated:   10/04/2012 10:33:39 AM EDT

BOSTON — Legislators are praising a report calling for targeted job training and infrastructure investment.

Sen. Jaimie Eldridge, a Democrat from Acton, echoed the need for public schools to focus on science, math, technology and engineering education, even if funding for those programs is limited.

“I think it would create a whole new generation of engineers and scientists that really is the strength of the state’s workforce,” he said.

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Metrowest Daily News: Eldridge touts experience acting on principle

By Kendall Hatch/Daily News staff
Posted Oct 03, 2012 @ 12:13 AM

State Sen. Jamie Eldridge, D-Acton, running for his third term in the Senate, said he is committed to boosting local aid for cities and towns, undertaking measures to protect the environment and investing in the state’s infrastructure.

Eldridge, in a meeting with Daily News editors and reporters earlier this month, described himself as an independent legislator who doesn’t shy away from bucking party leadership.

“Part of the job is standing up on principle,” Eldridge said.
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