Please Donate to Progressive Massachusetts

With 2017 ending this weekend, I know that we’re all getting end of the year requests from our favorite non-profits, community organizations, politicians, and charities. As the Senate chair of the Senate Progressive Caucus, I’m asking you to please consider becoming a member of Progressive Massachusetts.

For those who are unfamiliar with Progressive Massachusetts, it was founded in 2011, with the goal of being a statewide, multi-issue grassroots, members-based progressive organization, focused on moving the Massachusetts Legislature to the left, by helping elect more progressive legislators, holding elected officials accountable for their positions and votes, advocating for a Progressive Legislative Agenda, and the belief that unless there is outside pressure on Beacon Hill, too many progressive policies will not see the light of day.

As a progressive legislator, I find it valuable to not only to have the support of Progressive Massachusetts on legislation from the Safe Communities Act to single-payer healthcare to minimum wage to paid family medical leave to criminal justice reform to free college, but also that I am being held accountable for what I’m advocating for on Beacon Hill.

Progressive Mass now has 23 chapters, often in communities where progressives can feel a bit alone, which helps support that statewide progressive agenda. The organization is a member of the Raise Up Mass Coalition, with members collecting thousands of signatures for the #Fightfor15 and #PaidFamilyMedicalLeave ballot initiatives, and has a Statewide Grassroots Coordinator, to support Raise Up Mass, but also strengthen Progressive Mass chapters, help elect more progressives to office, and support the chapters in their support of a legislative priorities. By becoming a member of Progressive Mass today, you can be part of a growing organization that is having an impact at the State House, and in communities across Massachusetts.

With right-wing Republicans and President Trump in charge in Washington, DC, the role of state policy, and grassroots activism, at the state and local level, has never been more important. Please consider joining Progressive Massachusetts today, and strengthening your voice on who represents you, and what Massachusetts stands for in its laws, budget, and representation.