State Senator Jamie Eldridge endorses Bob Massie for Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair

Eldridge, also a DSC member, highlights Massie’s strengths as a coalition builder, connections to young and diverse grassroots, and track record on advocating for Democratic Party platform

Statement by State Senator Jamie Eldridge

“I’m proud to vote for and endorse Bob Massie for Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party,” said State Senator Jamie Eldridge. “As a Democratic State Committee member, I believe that the Massachusetts Democratic Party is at a crossroads, and needs a leader who has a vision for supporting and advocating for the bold Massachusetts Democratic Party platform to be turned into actual policy, is committed to working directly with the grassroots, both on Democratic City and Town Committees and beyond, bringing in more diverse and younger voices, and communicating the difference that Democratic policies make in the lives of people, each and every day.

Given Bob Massie’s passionate and knowledge on a wide variety of Democratic policies, his decades of leadership of building and leading coalitions, and his close connections with so many of the newer advocacy groups dedicated to combating climate change, ending racial injustice, reversing economic inequality, and finding sustainable solutions for societies, I believe Bob would be terrific in reforming, building, and expanding the power of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

As Democratic State Committee members, I can’t emphasize enough that our responsibilities are ultimately to rank and file Democrats across Massachusetts, especially the communities or constituents that we represent that led to our DSC positions, and not merely to the leadership of Democratic institutions. In an intense election year where Massachusetts Democrats were busy campaigning for candidates across the country, with very little awareness of the race for the Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair, I urge DSC members to carefully consider all of the candidates running for Chair, and take a close look at their plans for leading the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Please check out Bob Massie’s 10-point plan, “Building Our Future Together” here or view his statements and videos at his Facebook profile.

Finally, I have reviewed the independent report by former State Senator Cheryl Jacques about whether the leadership of the Massachusetts Democratic Party took sides in the Democratic primary race between U.S. Congressman Richard Neal and Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse. I am deeply disturbed that the thumb was put on the scale in that race, which is absolutely forbidden by the Mass Democratic Party. If we want more diverse and non-traditional candidates to run for public office as Democrats, it is critical that the Democratic Party, both at the state and federal levels, is not discouraging any Democrat from running. 

I urge DSC members to vote for Bob Massie for Chair on Thursday night, November 12th